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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wonder Wednesday #153 (Student Response #8)

Wonder Wednesday - My Life as a Reader (Part Eight)

*Today is the eighth post of a Wednesday summer feature I'm going to run through the summer months.

*I had each of my students respond to a series of "sentence frames" about their reading life this year.

*I will be posting their thoughts here on Wonder Wednesdays.

-Analiz was an interesting reader to work with.
-She always had a book with her and sometimes she had several books.
-She was one of those readers who changed books a lot and didn't always finish what she was reading.  
-It was wonderful to see her venture into the world of nonfiction and read many history and biography books.  
-AnaLiz probably had the most positive attitude about reading and sometimes had bigger goals than were actually possible.  
-I know reading will always be a part of her daily life!  

AnaLiz Wrote...

Before I was in fourth grade I thought that reading was great 
because I only liked picture books.

Now that I'm almost done with fourth grade I think that reading is PHENOMENAL 
because I love reading about history.

This year I learned that as a reader I have to really take time in my reading
because I understand more of the story when I take my time.  

To me reading is my life
because I love reading about HISTORY and other subjects.  

As a reader I'm most proud of learning about other kinds of leaders
because I have become more involved in things.

The best thing about reading is you learn new things 
because you become smarter and learn so many wonderful things.  

To be a life-long reader means to read 24/7
because reading becomes a part of your daily life like eating, sleeping, and playing!

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