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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wonder Wednesday #71...

Wonder Wednesday - Classroom Checkout

*My passion is books, reading, and sharing this passion with my students.

*My classroom is FULL of books that I have purchased over the years.

*Some of these books have come from Scholastic Book Orders, some from gift card purchases, and some from my own pocket.

*I have no problem sharing my books with my class, but I do have a problem when the books don't come back to the classroom library.

*I have tried using a paper/pencil checkout system, but have found that very hard to manage.

*I recently found a new "app" in the Apple Store called "Classroom Checkout."

*This new app has changed my life and my whole classroom library system.

*It is absolutely the best app I've purchased ($3.99) so far this school year.

 This is how the "Classroom Checkout" app looks on the home page of my iPad.

 This is the log-in screen for both myself as the teacher and each reader has a log-in password.

 This is the screen of the classroom checkout and what books have been checked out to readers.

 Here is the list of users.  I added all of my readers and each one got their own account.

I can also have a view of what books have been scanned into my teacher library.  The process of adding new titles to the library is quite easy.  

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