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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wonder Wednesday #73...

Wonder Wednesday - The Wonder of Nonfiction

*I had the WONDERful opportunity to attend another Donalyn Miller workshop this past Friday.  I think it is my 4th one.

*The topic was nonfiction.

*I'm an avid reader of fiction and promote fiction everywhere in my classroom and all day long.

*I know I need to branch out so this was just the workshop I needed.

*The day was absolutely the best and I took so much away from the topic of "nonfiction".

*I decided to dive into "nonfiction" right away.  As they say no time like the present.

*As soon as I arrived to school on Monday morning I filled two bins FULL of random nonfiction books.

*I actually enjoyed myself while looking at ALL the different titles, topics, and subjects.

*My three reading classes (which are really a focus on fiction reading) began reading from the books when they met with me on Monday.

*They are being required to read at least four nonfiction books during this week before our winter break.

*It has been so fun watching them pull the books out, preview them, read them, and above all talk with other readers about them.

*Many of the readers have asked if they can read more than the four required.

*The answer is of course YES!

*Here is a little peek at my "nonfiction" readers in action...

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