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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wonder Wednesday #72...

Wonder Wednesday - Wonder of Three

*This week it is all about the "little" wonders and "BIG" wonders in my reading life.  

*I love when I have a week full of wonders which bring me so much happiness.

*Here are some of those great wonders...

 Donalyn Miller Workshop

*I have been looking forward to this workshop for many weeks now.

*I've attended several workshops here in the Twin Cities presented by Donalyn Miller.

*The workshops are always incredible and I come away so much smarter.

*This Friday Donalyn will be conducting a "Nonfiction Workshop".

*It is the first time the subject matter will be nonfiction instead of mostly fiction.

*I can't wait for Friday, visiting with Donalyn again, and learning more than ever.  

Book Arrival
*I have been trying to get ahold of this novel for quite some time now.

*The novel first came to my attention many months ago via Twitter.

*There was no luck finding it at the local bookshops.  

*After awhile I put this title on the back burner.

*I kept thinking about the title and wanting to add it to my collection.

*There was an online book coupon and I used it to purchase this title.

*The best news was there was free shipping and the cost of the actual book was very low.

*The book arrived today (Tuesday) and put a great big smile on my face.

*I can't wait to read it!  

Mr. Andrus vs. Fire Breathing Dragon

*During a vocabulary lesson we were talking about the word "incorrigible."  

*I gave several examples with the word in a sentence.

*One of them was "Mr. Andrus was incorrigible when someone suggested he not like reading."

*As soon as I stated this, one of my students said out loud...

"That is like a dragon without any fire!"

*I laughed as did the class, and we all said that was a wonderful comparison.

*It pleases me that my students know me as a reader and that I'm in the process of sharing this passion with all of my readers in my three language arts classes.  

*This is certainly a little wonder in my week, but made me quite happy.  

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