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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Final Class Read Aloud SKYPE Visit with John David Anderson

Skype Visit with John David Anderson

*After reading this novel last summer, I knew it was on my list of books that I would share with my fourth graders.  The story was powerful and stuck with me for quite some time.

*As we had a marathon read aloud session on Wednesday, May 24th, the listeners were on the edge of their seats to see how this "adventure" would come to a conclusion.

*We also had to finish because we had a Skype visit scheduled with the author for the morning of Thursday, May 25th.

*The readers and I had an awesome time with John David and learned so much about the life of a writer and how to "chase" our dreams and be all that we can be.

*John was thoughtful, interesting, funny, and engaging.  My students had such a great time sharing their comments and questions with him about the novel.

*It was a perfect way to end our year of incredible "read aloud" novels with author Skype visit.

*Here is a peek into our time with the amazing John David Anderson...

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