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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Race to the Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse

How I Heard About It:
*This new middle-grade novel came to me via the publisher.  I think the books Rick Riordan "presents" are knocking it out of the "bookstore".  I wasn't in love with the cover, but had heard positive comments about the novel.  I listened to the story via Audible.  

What It Is About - FIVE Things You Need to Know:
1.  *Nizhoni is your typical seventh grader, except for one major thing, she can spot "monsters" when other can't.  

2.  *The monster, aka Mr. Charles, is her dad's new boss.  The problem is he is a monster who is overly interested in Nizhoni's family, especially her missing mother.

3.  *When her father disappears, and Nizhoni knows it is because of Mr. Charles, she and her brother begin a quest like no other.  

4.  *Nizhoni, her brother Mac, and her best friend Davery, must reach the house on the sun to solve the mystery.

5.  *Before they reach the sun, they must pass a series of trials which will unlock the answers to the questions they are seeking.  

What I Thought Of It - Five Observations/Reflections:
1.  *The beginning of the story was awesome, engaging, and intense.  

2.  *Once the "journey" began, I lost a bit of interest, but that was just because I'm not the biggest fan of fantasy and "quests".  

3.  *I did enjoy reading about the Navajo culture, family-life, and customs.

4.  *The "trials" were unique and full of adventure and suspense.  

5.  *The revelation of Nizhoni's missing mother was one of the highlights of the plot.  

Who Should Read It:
*Young readers who enjoy fantasy, adventure, and action-packed twists and turns, will definitely be the perfect audience for the story.  Children in grades four, five, and six would be the target group.  If you know of kids who have read other Rick Riordan "Presents" novels, they will want to read this one.  Happy Reading!  

Rating:  3 STARS out of 5 Stars

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